Grades K-8

Bulldog Bistro Martin Arts Cafe Build-a-Tray Cafe Hillside Hive Blue Jay Cafe Bobcat Den Cafe Acorn Cafe Northville Country Cafe Hungry Lion Cafe The Den Keeney Cub Cafe Bright Future Cafe Bright Future Cafe Under-the-Sea Cafe Wild Mustang Cafe Wolf Den Cafe Eagles' Nest Cafe Build-a-Tray Cafe Coral Reef Cafe The Den High Rock Cafe NeedhamES's Meadow Cafe ValleydaleES's Green Zone Cafe Green Zone Cafe Center School's Nutrition Kitchen MagnoliaES's Build-A-Tray Cafe HodgeES's Green Zone Cafe MurrayES's Nutrition Kitchen RogerShermanES's Bright Future Cafe WashingtonAS's Bright Future Cafe JohnBarryES's Smart Choice Cafe CookHillES EcoCafe FairFieldES Sandcastle Cafe NewmanES The Den (Lion) Healthy Heroes Bulldog Bistro - Meriden Pirates Cove Cafe - MeridenSpartan Cafe - LimaSpartan Cafe - LimaLibertyArtsES - Spartan Cafe - LimaHeritageES - Spartan Cafe - LimaClam Digger Café - QuidnessettES - North Kingston, RIHungry Huskies Café - HamiltonES - North Kingston, RI