Danglers Slider


Josh Test Slider: Section 4: Danglers

Josh Test Slider: Section 4: Danglers

It’s all about health & wellness in your Lunchroom

 Educate … the Healthy Way!  Teaching students the foundation to healthy eating, one lunch at a time … display nutrition and wellness signs, a  of their educational program.

 All signs and graphics are compliant  with OVS and all the National School Lunch Programs' rules and regulation, mandated in our lunchrooms today. Why not educate and communicate in a fun and entertaining way.

 Sign Kits with wellness themes  that educate and communicate! Embrace this well-rounded approach to promote your Lunchroom healthy eating, and generate a higher average as the part of the entire school environment … get energized!


Here is where we can have a description of K - 8 Custom design. Such as: We here at LoveYourLunchroom take into consideration the age range of the students that are using the space, as well as any outside factors like multi-purpose rooms, to create a one of a kind lunchroom geared to engaging your students, no matter what age they are.