Groundhog Day Danglers

Price: $195.00


Groundhog Day Danglers

Fun seasonal & holiday Danglers are a quick and easy solution to make your lunch line bright & cheery and adds some holiday spirit! Convenient and simple to store in its own durable box. All materials are washable, durable & fire-retardant; lasts for years. Quick & super affordable . . . simple to ship, easy to install. While a great way to decorate your lunchroom, each set of Danglers also serves a purpose, consisting of nutrition, wellness & motivational signs, along with student-friendly meal information.

Our Danglers will help you support the National School Lunch Program rules & regulations.

  • 1 Set Comes with 5 Danglers that spin.
  • Each danglers is Square Shape on Diamond (8” x 8” x .125” )
  • Switch-Out made easily - hardware and storage box included.
  • Comes with Durable Ceiling Toggle Clips for Interchangeable System
  • Extra Set of additional backup hardware Available